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Pedestrian Bridge Time Tunnel Shenzhen - 12.041.02


Architectural and Structural Conception


Downtown Shenzhen, in South China, The Futian District is in complete transformation. The future high-rise luxury shopping and residential complex shows 5 footbridges over roads and 1 canopy structure on the central plazza. Ney & Partners is in charge of the design of 2 footbridges and the canopy. The 'Bridge #2' is a 3,5 m wide and 35 m long footbridge. It has to be covered and widely open on the exterior, to create a pleasant connection between the buildings, on the axis of the central plazza.

Specific features

Designed as a continuous surface coming from the facade surfaces of buildings it links, the structure is a steel shell, stiffened by a diagonal network of stiffeners, on the internal face. Large openings are formed in the center of both sides. These openings are lined with plates which host the hanging system. The footbridge becomes a true urban window.

  • 2012-2013

  • 2013-2014

  • Ney & Partners

  • Gemdale Dabaihui

  • Shenzhen, China

  • 36 m

  • 200 m2

  • Completed
  • Ney & Partners