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In January 2012, the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) appointed Ney-Poulissen (NP Bridging) as consultant for the 'Planning for implementation of Integrated Development of by-pass, shallow water park and waterfront development'. NP Bridging had to produce a Master Plan for the planning of the Thane Waterfront over a 30 year time line. Our vision and ambition for Thane is to enhance people's life quality by removing the vast majority passing-through traffic from the city centre and making Thane the largest green city of Maharashtra.

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In April 2012, TMC informed NP-Bridging that a 20 Crores construction budget was reserved on year 2012 and therefore requested NP-Bridging's assistance to design a Show-case, also called the 'start-up project' or 'pilot project', for the Waterfront Development Masterplan. NP-Bridging proposed in June 2012 to develop a 3km promenade along the Creek in the City Center together with a concrete-shell canopy as landmark, giving a strong identity to Thane. This project aims to revitalize the city center of Thane, giving a new façade to the Creek. It is the start of the Waterfront Development Masterplan and links mobility, architecture, ecology and urban design. Ney & Partners has assisted NP-Bridging in every steps of the Waterfront Development Masterplan and in the design and calculation of the Show-case project.

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