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Pavilion Expo Shanghai - 10.007


Preliminary design and conceptual assistance for a scenographic shed over the Belgian pavilion at the Shanghai international expo.


The shed made of structural steel covers an area of about 135m², connecting the 'chocolate' and 'diamond' zones of the Belgian pavilion. All steel members are welded on site. The steel plates forming the roof are balanced by a radial RHS beam, which means the columns are in pure compression.

Specific features

The structural concept is inspired by the radial and equipotential lines between two electromagnetic poles of identical charge. The deadline being extremely tight and the scenography already defined, a synthetic collaboration was necessary between engineering and architecture.

  • 2010

  • 2010

  • Conix Architects

  • Régie des Bâtiments

  • Shanghai, China

  • 135 m2

  • Completed
  • Conix Architects, Fabien Dautrebande (