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Housing complex Tanneries - 13.035


Study of stability for a builder during the construction phase


This project for a housing complex, consisting of a ground floor and three upper floors, is located on Tanneries Street in the old quarter of the city of Namur. The ground floor is sub-divided into offices towards the front and parking for 6 vehicles at the rear of the building. The 3 upper floors comprise 8 apartments.

Specific features

The site is relatively boxed-in and access via the narrow alleyways of Namur is not easy. The lightness and the prefabrication of massive laminated wood panels (CLT) conveniently enabled rapid construction. The part of the building above the parking is suported by steel beams and concrete columns. The cantilivered parts of the building are carried directly by the wooden panels which act as upstand beams.

  • 2013

  • 2013 - 2014

  • Desmet & Ramon

  • Winant - Marra Immobilier SA

  • ,

  • 810 m2

  • 1050000 € Vat Excl.

  • Completed
  • Ney & Partners - De Smedt & Ramon