Human resources

Ney & Partners is a multidisciplinary team of about 50 persons. The following skills and profiles are working in our office: civil engineer, civil engineer architect, industrial engineer, architect, product designer, mathematician, draughtsman, art historian, graphic designer and office management

Laurent Ney, Founder of Ney & Partners, architect and civil engineer (ULg, Liège, Belgium 1989; RWTH, Aachen, Germany 1989)

Nathalie Ries, architect (ISAE La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium 1992; Polytecnico Milano, Italy 1992)

Vincent Dister, civil engineer (ULg, Liège, Belgium 1998)

Mathieu Jacques de Dixmude, civil engineer (ULg, Liège, Belgium, 1993; CEng MISTructE)

Matthieu Mallié, civil engineer (ULB, Brussels, Belgium 2000)

Olivier Gallez, engineer architect (UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium 1997; UPC, Barcelona, Spain 1999)

Eric Bodarwé, civil engineer (ULg, Liège, Belgium 2001)

Ryuchi Watanabe, architect (Tohoku University, Japan 1999; Graduate School of Tohoku University 2001)

Kenny Verbeeck, engineer architect (VUB, Brussels, Belgium 2004; MIT, Massachusetts, U.S.A. 2006)